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We've generated 5,529 social media posts

Message Write out your Post here using Spintax to create multiple variations to easily upload to SocialBee.

Links & Media (Optional) Include all the links to websites, posts or images that you want to include in your posts on SocialBee. A random link will be included in each variation generated from the previous field OR you can create all variation for each link.

Create Variations for Each Link / Image Select this option to make a post using all of your variations for every image.

If you used "{This|Link}" with 2 Links (L1, L2)

With the Checked would output:
"This L1", "This L2", "Link L1", "Link L2".

With it Unchecked you would just get:
"This L1", "Link L2"

Randomize Order Do you want to randomize the order of the generated posts? This only really has a noticible impact when creating variations for each image.

Each Line is a Variation Do you want to use the entire message box for 1 message with Spintax variation or would you rather have each line is a variation?