Publer PowerPoster

Message Write out your Post here using Spintax to create multiple variations to easily upload to Publer.

Links (Optional) Include all the links to websites or posts that you want to include in your posts on Publer. A random link will be included in each variation generated from the previous field OR you can create all variation for each link.

Media URLs (Optional) Include all the links to images that you want to include in your post. You can only have 1 website link or media link included in each variation. These links would be something like

First Post Date Select the date you want the first post to be scheduled for in Publer.

Space Posts out Every Select how much time you would like between each post in your schedule. You can select from 1 minutes to 1000+ days.

Create Variations for Each Link / Image Select this option to make a post using all of your variations for every image. Ex. {This|Link} with 2 links outputs - This link1, This link2, Link link1, Link link2. With it unchecked you would just get This link1 and Link link2

Randomize Order Do you want to randomize the order of the generated posts? This only really has a noticible impact when creating variations for each image.

Each Line is a Variation Do you want to use the entire message box for 1 message with Spintax variation or would you rather have each line is a variation?